Hiring a Process Server FAQ
Suffolk County & Nassau County - Long Island, NY

  • How much does it cost to hire a process server on Long Island?
    Between $60 and $95, depending on the type of document you need served. To compare costs, see our rates and services.
  • What are the filing fees for Long Island courts?
    Most index number purchases are $45 at the District Courts and $210 at the Supreme Court. See New York State Court Filing Fees. This complete list includes all district, town and village courts in Suffolk & Nassau counties.
  • Can a photocopy of my original document be served?
    Serving a copy is standard practice in New York State and around the U.S. The court clerk usually keeps the original signature document and everyone else gets a court stamped copy or photocopy. Serving an original is rare in the U.S. but often required with international documents.
  • Can a process server serve at night or on Sunday in New York?
    New York State has just a few laws restricting the times and days a process server can serve someone: Never on Sunday and never on a religious holiday (for a religiously observant recipient only). While ringing a recipient’s doorbell on Tuesday at 3:00 am may be legal, it’s still not okay. Many people don’t like it. Including a few plaintiffs, most attorneys, all recipients and more importantly, judges!

    Our process server only attempts service Monday to Saturday, between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, with very few exceptions.
  • What is the difference between personal, substitute and conspicuous (nail & mail) service?
    Personal Service is required in New York State for family court documents, divorce notices, orders to show cause, surrogate court citations and a few others. This is when the document is delivered directly to the recipient. It is not necessary for the person being served to sign or even agree to accept the papers as long as they know they are being served and the documents are left in the vicinity (this rarely happens but when it does, our process server is quick and polite). Personal service can be performed at any location, except inside a courtroom.

    Substitute Service is allowed in New York for most types of documents, including summons & complaints, subpoenas, notices of petition, notices of termination and others. If the recipient is not available, the papers can be left with a person of “suitable age and discretion” at the recipient’s residence or place of business. This means a person that can be “responsible” and likely to give the papers to the recipient. An additional copy of the documents must also be mailed via first class mail.

    Conspicuous (Nail & Mail) Service is also allowed in New York for most types of documents when substitute service is allowed. If, after 2 attempts the recipient or a suitable person cannot be found, and a place of business has been attempted or cannot be found, the process server is permitted to “affix” or “post” the documents to the recipient’s residence (usually our process server will tape it to the front door and take a photo). The attempts must conform to “due diligence” and be performed on different days at different times of day (morning, afternoon and evening). An additional copy must also be mailed via first class mail.
  • What is the witness fee for New York and federal court subpoenas?
    The witness fee for New York State is $15 per day plus 23¢ per mile round-trip. The U.S. District Court witness fee is $40 per day plus 53.5¢ per mile round-trip. To calculate the exact cost, use our free tools: Witness Fee Calculator for New York and Witness Fee Calculator for U.S. District Courts.
  • Why is it better to hire locally?
    Some “nationwide” and “statewide” agencies, after you hire them, will simply search for and hire a local process server to deliver your papers. If you hire locally:
    • Your papers get served faster, when sent directly to your process server.
    • Your instructions are followed, with less people and no agencies involved.
    • You get to communicate with the person who will serve your papers.
    • Your affidavit of service is notarized and returned faster.
  • What can I expect after I hire Island Process Service?  When will I get my affidavit?
    After we receive your documents and payment, our process server will contact you to confirm and begin service. We’ll give status updates along the way and contact you again when service is complete (within 8 days or less, in most cases). Your affidavit of service (proof of service) will be prepared, notarized and returned to you by email and first class mail within 3 business days. At your request, we will also file your affidavit at the appropriate clerk or courthouse anywhere on Long Island.

    We are always willing to sign your prepared affidavit or fill-in-the-blank form. Using your court’s preferred format can be desired or required for out-of-state, international and 3rd party orders.
  • What can I expect after I send documents for court filing?
    Once we receive your documents and payment, you’ll get a confirmation and we’ll file your papers or complete your purchase request, within 3 business days. There are usually no issues here, but if there are, we’ll contact you immediately. If you don’t need us to also serve your papers, your completed request will be returned via email, if possible, and by first class mail.
  • Can I be present while the papers are served?
    No. Our process server tries hard not to embarrass anybody. Our discretion and the privacy of the people we serve are very important. We avoid problems and make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Are you registered and insured?
    Yes. Island Process Service, Inc. is a New York State registered corporation. We are fully covered with general liability insurance and errors & omissions insurance.
  • How can I hire Island Process Service?
    Call us at (631) 647-7663 Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Your email will always get a reply during business hours and often on evenings and weekends. Try us at service@islandprocess.com.
    Or, you can send us your document and pay online. Our process server will contact you to confirm everything before serving.

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